Quality Indicator Survey (QIS) Resource Manual

Prepared by:
Division of Health Care Policy and Research
University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
~ in conjunction with ~
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)


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QIS Brochure
Adobe Logo CMS Quality Indicator Survey Demonstration Project
Manual Binder Covers
Adobe Logo Cover Page, Binder and Tab Labels, Index
Tab 1:  Offsite Preparation
Word Logo CMS-20044 Offsite Preparation Worksheet
Word Logo New Admission Information Form
Tab 2:  Entrance Conference Forms
Adobe Logo CMS-20045 - Entrance Conference - Facility Copy
Adobe Logo CMS-20046 - Entrance Conference - Team Copy
Tab 3:  Stage Review Forms
Word Logo CMS-807 - Surveyor Notes
Adobe Logo CMS-20047 - Admission Record Review
Adobe Logo CMS-20048 - Census Record Review
Adobe Logo CMS-20049 - Family Interview
Adobe Logo CMS-20050 - Resident Interview and Observation New 11/2013
Adobe Logo CMS-20051 - Staff Interview
Tab 4:  Mandatory Facility-Level Task Forms
Adobe Logo CMS-20052 - Demand Billing New 11/2013
Word Logo CMS-20053 - Dining
Word Logo CMS-20054 - Infection Control
Adobe Logo CMS-20055 - Kitchen
Adobe Logo CMS-20056 - Medication Admin New 11/2013
Word Logo CMS-20057 - Resident Council
Word Logo CMS-20058 - QAA
Word Logo CMS-20089 - Medication Storage
Tab 5:  Tiggered Facility-Level Task Forms
Word Logo CMS-20059 - Abuse Prohibition
Word Logo CMS-20060 - Admit / Transfer / Discharge
Word Logo CMS-20061 - Environment
Word Logo CMS-20062 - Sufficient Nursing Staff
Adobe Logo CMS-20063 - Personal Funds
Tab 6:  Stage II Review Forms
Word Logo Stage II Care Area Investigation Key
  CE Pathway –
Word Logo CMS-20065 - Activities
Word Logo CMS-20066 - ADL-ROM
Adobe Logo CMS-20067 - Behavioral / Emotional New 11/2013
Word Logo CMS-20068 - Bowel / Bladder / Catheter
Word Logo CMS-20069 - Communication / Sensory Problems
Word Logo CMS-20070 - Dental
Word Logo CMS-20071 - Dialysis
Word Logo CMS-20072 - General
Word Logo CMS-20073 - Hospice
Word Logo CMS-20074 - Hospital / Death
Word Logo CMS-20075 - Nutrition / Hydration / Tube-Feeding
Word Logo CMS-20076 - Pain Management
Word Logo CMS-20077 - Physical Restraints
Adobe Logo CMS-20078 - Pressure Ulcers New 11/2013
Word Logo CMS-20079 - Psychoactive Medications
Word Logo CMS-20080 - Rehabilitation and Community Discharge
Word Logo CMS-20081 - Ventilator - Dependent Residents
Adobe Logo CMS-20082 - Unnecessary Medication Review New 11/2013
Word Logo CMS-20090 - PASRR
Word Logo CMS-20091 - QIS Extended Survey
Word Logo CMS-20092 - Hydration
Word Logo CMS-20093 - Tube Feeding
Tab 7:  QCLI Dictionary
Adobe Logo Quality of Care and Quality of Life Indicator (QCLI) Dictionary (126 Pages)

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