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Welcome to the Training for the new Addiction and Prevention Services Standards for Licensure/Certification of Alcohol and/or Other Drug Abuse Treatment Programs.

The following training will break the Standards down by section and provide an interpretative guideline (or explanations) and/or tools (documents, forms, web resources) available to help perform a specific standard.

If the specific standard you are viewing has an Interpretative Guideline it will be in a shaded box below the Standard with a spy glass by it. If there is a tool for the standard, the tool box icon will be beside the standard. To access your tools, click on the toolbox and it will automatically take you to a list of tools. The documents, forms or web resources for the specific standards will be listed first.

In the interpretive guidelines you will sometimes note an asterisk. This will indicate a correction to a reference. Also, the terms review and verify are used consistently in the interpretive guidelines. Review refers to when the consultant will look over policy and procedure manual. Verify refers to when the consultant confirms, tests, or checks the accuracy of the policy in action. When the term Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services is used in the Standards, please note that it refers to the Single State Authority, Addiction and Prevention Services.

To navigate this training, use the links below. The "Next" link will take you to the next standard reviewed.

And if you need to review any section, simple click on the Table of Contents link at the bottom of your page. It will take you to the Table of Contents and let you navigate the training by choosing a specific section of the Standards.

So, let's get Next.

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This training is brought to you by Addiction and Prevention Services.